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Flooring Measurements at Dagsboro Paint & Wallpaper
In Home Measurements in Dagsboro, DE at Dagsboro Paint & Wallpaper
There are several benefits to using our free in-home measurement service. We understand that it can be difficult to accurately measure your floor space without getting the numbers off by either too much or too little. In both cases, the wrong measurements can cause delays and be costly when buying new flooring. We have solved those problems with our free in-home measurement service.

Benefits of Our Free In-Home Measurement Service

Free! Yes, our service is free, and when we say free, we mean free. There are no hidden charges, no estimate fees and no back-end charges.

Convenient appointment times
. We come to your home or business at your convenience. Our professionals are courteous, polite, honest, and can always answer any questions you may have about your flooring needs.

Accurate measurements are important, and we take the time to get them right, the first time. We do not over estimate, and we are always happy to explain how we came up with our numbers.

Our free in-home measurement service can be used for all types of flooring, including: carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. We also measure for stairs, closets and other tucked-away spaces that can be hard to calculate.

Lastly, our free in-home measurement service will take into account other materials that will be needed for your installation. These include such things as padding for carpet installations, or foam sheeting for floating floor systems. We work hard to ensure that our measurements are as complete and accurate as possible, so you do not have any surprises later on.

If you are thinking of new flooring, of any kind, and would like to us to visit with you, let us know. You can call or visit our showroom in Dagsboro, DE. We serve the following areas: Bethany Beach, DE; Fenwick Island, DE; Dagsboro, DE; Ocean City, MD; and Rehoboth Beach, DE. Just let us know if you would like to take advantage of our free in-home measurement service and we will do the rest.

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